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The next Scandinavian Cup + should women lift 2 kettlebells?

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Today I had the honour to be the speaker in an international kettlebell sport event in my home town. The Scandinavian Cup, idea started by the gentlemen Kalle Pyykkönen and Thomas Johansson, was realized. We had guests with true fighter spirits from Norday, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Russia! Thank you all for being there and making it a great event!

Best part for me was of course seeing the exciting flights but also to meet with all the different teams, it’s very eye opening to see the sport in our country trough the eyes of others, and also to hear other’s experiences from their own country. Excellent attitude from all teams to take the sport forward in the global, european, scandinavian and also national levels. We’ll meet again next year!

Also, the eternal question ”should women lift with 2 kettlebells or not” was answered: they did, with good technique and with good results! 

The results:

There’s a couple of short videos below. Better pics and videos are coming later to somewhere in the internet. 🙂



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  1. aussiekb sanoo:

    Great results! Did women compete in biathlon too?


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