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State of kettlebell sport in Finland 2013

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Some facts about kettlebell sport in Finland in this post. The sport has grown quite fast and is going forward all the time.

The beginning

The first visit to world championships was in 2006, the first club was formed in 2007 and also regular national competitions started in 2007.

Official status for kettlebell sport in 2008

We joined the Finnish Weightlifting Federation in 2008 and got official status for the sport. The rules were written in Finnish and judge’s training started afterwards. In 2009 the first official national championships were held in Finland.

Here’s how the national championships have grown since:

Participants in Finnish national championships 2009 – 2013

National competition numbers

As of today, there have been total of 109 competitions in Finland or to which Finnish lifters have participated since 2006. A total of 379 lifters have participated in these competitions.

All the results, records and hall of fames for Finnish lifters have been recorded in a database, which can be openly accessed from the following link:

International competitions

We have been competing regularly in international competitions, in tournaments, european and word championships since 2006. Here’s how the teams to the world championships have evolved. Note: the 2 competitions in 2012 were with different federations.

Team members in world championships

National kettlebell sport clubs

Nationally, there are currently 14 clubs, which are members of the weightlifting federation and have kettlebell sport activity. Some of them are only kettlebell clubs, some both kettlebell and weightlifting and some have several sports.

Here’s a high level map that shows where the clubs are:

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.07.49


Group pictures from the first national championships and from the latest in 2013.



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