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Terveysjournalismin haasteet

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Tuossa Frank:n tekstissä aika hyvin tiivistettynä asenne, joka täkäläisessäkin terveyskirjoittelussa tulee esiin. Hauskaa, vaiko traagista? Mikä voisi auttaa?

”I was recently contacted by a “journalist” who wanted some “secrets” about Paleo health and fitness. It was obvious that she had no interest in Paleo itself. Rather, she wanted a sentence fragment or two that might fit into an article with other weight-loss, lifestyle and fashion “tips.” And of course, her editor was in a hurry.
Her inquiry reminded me of a conversation I once had with a New York literary agent. Foolishly, I told her that I was writing a book about “health and fitness from an evolutionary point of view.” She frowned ominously; it was clear that she really wanted something more saleable, maybe a romance novel or “chick lit.” “There’s no market for that,” she told me with a scowl, “and if you do choose to write it, you’ve got to dumb it down and sex it up. Your average reader will have a high school education at best. And editors don’t like the word “evolution;” it intimidates the readership. And whatever you do, you’ve got to have a supermodel on the cover. Otherwise, you can forget it.””




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