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Marty ja menestyksen avaimet urheilussa

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  • On tapahtunut virhe; syötteen palvelin ei luultavasti vastaa. Yritä myöhemmin uudestaan.



”The formula for what I consider high level in any sport is good coaching, hard work and consistency to achieve mastery. Terms like well rounded and ”elite” fitness by its very definition are oxymorons aka contradictions of words. I ask fitness for what? If we talk about health and wellness I think risk management. Risk of injury, heart, cancer etc.

My resting heart rate is 39 when I don’t read posts on the bad forum;) They are examples of those who want the secret formula for ultimate bad A#$.

This may be a downer but the basic formula for success doesn’t change. Just find that ”something” and focus on it. Key is focus. Not changing your routine from one week to the next. I will have more to follow.”

Olen samaa mieltä. ”Salaiset reseptit” ovat idiooteille.



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