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Motivaatiota ei voi ulkoistaa ja ostaa

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Big Boyn Enes kirjoittaa asiaa ja lainaa Jason Ferruggiaa:

Tässä mielestäni mahtavaa tekstiä, jos ei sitä motivaatiota ole itsessä sisällä, ei se muiltakaan tule:

”You either want to do something or you don’t. I’m not in the business of motivating people. Sure, I’ll shout some words of encouragement to serious trainees before they attempt a new squat max, and may even question their manhood in an attempt to get them even angrier. And I’ll cheer a guy on during a grueling conditioning finisher, but if you are not internally motivated already, you’re looking toward the wrong guy for help. I just don’t care enough to waste my time on those types of people.

Often times people will tell me that they want to train with me and that I if they hire me or come to my gym I really need to push them. No, I don’t. You need to push yourself. You’re hiring me for my program design skills which are based on 16 years of experience. I am not a cheerleader. Any nitwit can yell at someone like a drill sergeant. Just because a workout is hard doesn’t mean it’s effective. Just because a coach yells loudly it doesn’t mean he’s smart.

If you can’t find it within yourself and are not driven to excel, there is nothing I can do for you.”


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  1. jake heke sanoo:

    Tuohon ei voi kuin lisätä AAMEN PLOTTIS !


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