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GS history milestones, from 1960 to 2010

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Please, let me know if something is missing. I only listed those orgs that have organised comps or have some GS related cert offerings.

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As anyone can plainly see, it’s taken years to get GS out of Russia. Just a few years ago, the USA with NAKF were the first western team to enter the IGSF world championships. This was in 2005. Since that, other western (how ever you want to call them) countries have started to try this out in a small scale.

Since 2007, there have been 3 ”players” who set up international competitions, and since 2008, 4. Now, you can always debate ”who is the best” but thankfully GS results are pretty much comparable accross organisational borders. Of course, there might be differences in judging but this happens withing orgs too, even if they have standards because jugding is damn hard 🙂

But what does this all mean? I don’t really know. GS is a small sport, probably because it takes time to learn, it’s very much an endurance event which doesn not build huge muscles and because there’s a lot of skill involved. So, you need to like it and want to do it, you can’t just play superstar unless you take the time to learn. Totally opposite to fitness culture, where anyone with a sixpack and huge guns  and a nice face can claim anything, because it’s all about the looks and surface.

The good thing about all of these orgs is that at least in theory, the future should hold many changes to compete for the lifters, in the events of many different organisers. The general knowledge about the sport and what is a solid good rep is on the rise, at least it should be. This will lead to better quality of lifting in the long run.

Of course, as in every ”new” thing, there are always folks who claim this and that, to make it seem that they are the experts and gurus to sell their stuf f quickly before people catch on to what’s really going on. But that doesn’t really matter in the long run because the sport is based on results and real merits, which can be verified, and the snake oil merchants will move on to the next hot thing. TRX Sport?

In the end, the lifting is what matters. Lift, compete, learn and get to know the other lifters = a 4 step program to GS happiness 🙂



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