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The Global Open and Transparent GS Challenge 2010

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This is for all of you who work in national, regional, international or garage GS organisations. I know you are out there 🙂

We have internationally what, maybe tens or hundreds (well, tens) of orgs, who basically have similar aims: promote the sport of kettlebell lifting trough competitions and lifters that make good results in them. After all, it’s a competitive sport, so the primary outlet is a competition event. So sell also certs and bells but still, do the comps too and have liftters etc. The details don’t matter.

I present to you:

The Global Open and Transparent GS Challenge 2010!

Please, have the following info listed somewhere online, for all to see, in the english language:

  • calendar of future competitions, with dates, places, main contact persons
  • results of ALL past competitions, small or large, because they make up the history and culture of the sport
  • list of all the best results of your org’s, country’s or neighborhood’s lifters, listed by lifter or the lift (for example the top 2 KB jerk results), with dates
  • a list of the coaches and their students

Why? Well, basically what we have now is a very fragmented landscape of GS. There’s many orgs pushing their stuff online, but some do only some Facebook campaings, some have no info online, some have all of this but only in russian etc. Think of this trough the eyes of the lifter. Where does he or she find the current best results, the future competitions in different countries etc? Nowhere.

I think having all this info out there would be good for the sport and also good for the individual org, and also to the lifters. I think it’s impossible to imagine a site where all the orgs would list their stuff together but at least have it on your own site.

As an example, here are lists for Finland (not all of it is in english yet,  sorry):

All the previous competition results

Hall of Fame, the best results

The 2010 competition schedule

We don’t have the coach list yet.

So, it’s not impossible, as you can plainly see. No Finnish training secrets have been revealed by giving out this info. No DVD or Cert sales have been compromised. But, the lifters can see the info and get motivated to train harder and beat the Hall of Fame people. There’s history info for checking out facts.

Think about it! 🙂



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