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Tyytymättömyys voimavarana

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”My point is this: find an aspect of your training or your lifestyle that really makes you disgusted with yourself and make it a high priority target.  I think we tend to look on negative emotions as a bad thing.  Not true.  They are effective tools if you recognize them for what they are and know when to apply them.  Just something to think about.  Remember if you don’t put in the effort or you get lazy in the gym you still have to live with yourself.   You wouldn’t let someone else cheat you so make sure you aren’t cheating yourself.    Again, food for thought.   I never got anywhere without pain and shame but that’s just me.  There is that old saying that a good horse runs at the mere shadow of a whip.  As for me, I guess I needed to take some lashes.”

Heikkouksien kautta eteenpäin.


1 kommentti

  1. kukkal sanoo:

    Aika hyvä. En lukenut koko juttua, mutta mielenkiintoinen näkökulma.


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