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Common misconceptions about GS, part 1

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GS (Girevoy Sport) is boring

True in the sense that all sports are boring if you don’t understand what they are about. Gs has only 3 lifts, well so does PL. Oly has only 2. A running event has only one movement. There’s sports like Golf etc. Get over it. GS is about lifting the bells with the best skill possible, and all skills take long to develop. If you want to be entertained, go to the circus.

A wise friend has said: ”there are more people who want to be stars than those who want to learn”. Or something like that. Well, regarding western kettlebells, that’s true. GS is slow, it takes time to learn the movement patterns. When you start doing it, and get in deep, you start seeing the lifts in a different way, because you learn more.


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  1. jake heke sanoo:

    Its fair dinkum!


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