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The State of the Girevoy Sport in the World in 2009?

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Repost from my post on IGx (sorry about the foul language). I’m running out of ideas I guess, so I have to repost 🙂

Let’s do a summary, to see where we are at. And this is not shit stirring, you bitches.

There are 3 international orgs, oldest first: IGSF, IUKL and WKC. Their rules are almost the same, all have international open comps. Yes, they have some differences in the ranking systems but a true bogatir does not care about those pussy ass charts.

We all know what makes a solid rep in the competition: bell or bells must be locked out and there must be visible fixation of the bell and the lifter. We also know that a push press doesn’t count as a jerk. Of course, these issues are not all clear to all judges and all lifters in all events, and this is why we see a lot of non-countable reps being counted even in big events.

There’s multiple ways for a lifter to get to a competition:
– IUKL’s Ventspils Atlants is an open tournament, which allows amateur weights
– WKC hosts comps now also abroud, the Zagreb LC being the next one, I think you only need to make rank before getting there

You can get a WKC rank by sending your lifting video trought the internets these days, at least this is what I read from the Facebook and their email today.

Talking about Facebook, a lot of the kettlebell and also Girevoy Sport event marketing seems to have moved from forums to Facebook and such services. In that environment, there’s a possibility to impress new folks with bad technique, new ”secrets” and no-counts 🙂 Ok, this part was shit stirring.

GS is still pretty unknown in the mainstream, but it’s getting spread wider. There’s a handful of folks who take it seriously and get better. Still, the numbers speak for themselves, and I don’t see that many MS ranks for example. Anyway, the basic mechanics of the 3 lifts are well known to all, and everyone knows for example that the jerk gets the power from the ground, trought the feet and hips to the bells.

USA seems to have some quite promising young lifters, which is the best news there is, they have a lot of potential.

The latest Cross World event had some 140 lifters, and new countries got involved, which is pretty good. It’s a good tradition set up by Lopa and the others, and it should be kept alive I think.

How do you guys see GS developing in the next 5 years? Do you think there will be some one big organisation internationally? One big org for USA? Do you care?



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