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Kettlebells and the Personal Gartner Hype Cycle

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At a lecture I was in last week, this Garner Hype Cycle was shown, as part of some new technology presentation.’

The pic is from wikipedia:

So, what has this got to do with kettlebells. Well, it’s just very similar as how I have ”got into” kettlebells and girevoy sport.

At first, I was super excited, thougth really that kettlebells were the one and only tool to ever use, and that they would be absolutely great and essential to all humans. You know, very excited. Same was for GS initially. Well, then reality showed it’s head and basically a lot of the promises turned out to be just stuff I had wanted to be true, not actual reality. So, I was dissapointed.

Later on, still continuing training, I found the place for kettlebells and GS in my life, so to say. I mean, I know what the tool can do and what it cannot, I know how I can benefit from the sport training, know my limitations and also the limitations of the tool and the movements.

Right now, when I’m not in the peak of excitement, things are kind of boring because everything is not Awesome or Most Tactically Excellent all the time but also I think I know more about what’s essential about the lifting and training with kettlebells. I don’t mean any ”secrets”, just basic stuff. Actually, I think a lot of the marketing is aimed at the folks who are getting into the ”peak” phase in their own kettlebell story 🙂



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