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Cate Imes in Finland – welcome!

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Cate Imes will be in Finland teaching a one day kettlebell lifting course. (if you lift kettlebells but don’t know who she is, slap yourself and check out the bio at ) It will take place in Helsinki, Crossfit Helsinki Gym, which is owned by Väinö ”the kettlebell blasphemist” Lestelä. First time I met Cate was in Riga, Latvia, 3 years ago (here’s the full story). I was traveling with the team USA to the world championships. Since then, I’ve followed her career as a lifter and a kettlebell lifting couch, and I’ve been constanty very impressed. So, it goes without saying, and I’m still going say it, that I’m really looking forward to the course. Even though I have the flu and cannot go balls to the wall with any big weights or anything like that.

In a way, Cate’s style of lifting, and what I’ve seen about the teaching, is very down to earth and direct. Just like the kettlebells themselves. Either they move (to lockout, LOL) or they don’t, there’s really no way around it. The lifting is about focus and ability and a lot of mental issues too, but also it’s very basic. Yeah, I’m talking about the classic basic lifts, not pummeling or TGUs. And, there’s many small technical details to think about when you do the endless repetitions. It helps to have someone like Cate to really say what’s wrong and what to improve.

And, this is not just sucking up, there’s also negative sides to C. Imes. For example the fact that she lives in the USA and not over here. I hope Kukka L, her student and a top kettlebell lifter in Finland, can persuade Cate to come over maybe twice a year over here to teach a two week camp. How’s that? 🙂

The bad jokes aside, I think the fanatic finnish lifters are pretty much done all the one day generic seminars they need. What we need now, is one-to-one teaching, where the couch takes into account personal strengths and weaknesses etc.  as we are training. So, training camps for several days would be ideal, not just basic courses. Of course, such thing is not easy to set up whe everyone has families, jobs and lives outside of kettlebell lifting(!), but it’s not impossible.

Anyway, welcome to Finland Cate, I hope you enjoy the stay, the beer, the nice weather and the polite finns 🙂



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