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Lockout Kettlebells: but for you, it is harder

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but for you, it is harder

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3 kommenttia

  1. Alexander sanoo:

    Interesting how the situation in the neo-gs countries change.
    A few years back, several could snatch but no one knew how to jerk (didn’t Kuzmin write a short article on that?).
    Now, several ”neo-people” seem to lag behind with snatch compared to their jerk.
    I am talking proportions snatch/jerk, not absolute numbers.


  2. marks sanoo:

    Yes, true and an interesting phenomenon.

  3. Rob sanoo:

    Great post!

    Many people forget this old forgotten secret!

    If you want something and it’s worth getting then you need to work hard at it and put in some serious effort.

    Whilst everyone is out looking for the magic potion or the magic kettlebell training program the people who are making gains, getting fitter, getting stronger are actually in a gym or at home tearing their arseholes out working hard.

    Simple! Remind yourself everyday and work hard at it.



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