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The hate of the fanatic

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Was reading the IGx the other day, and someone mentioned KB fanatism when talking about making programs for the general public. He said that basically general public and the KB fanatics (either Gs or HS or some other) don’t mix well, because the fanatics are interested in the details and the general Joe/Jane wants to look better naked.

I think, to become fanatic is natural, when you go deep into something. At first, when I started with kettlebells, I though: ”wow, this makes me breathe hard and it’s kind of difficult and there’s all these movements I’ve never seen”. Now, later on, I can see the whole thing as a part of a bigger picture, the KB amont other weights that can be used for training. Also, I can see the KB movements related to primal human monement patterns and why they are beneficial. So, in a way, the tools is more familiar and boring but I also see more details that I couldn’t see in the beginning, so it makes the tool and the movements more exciting. I can also see that not all movements are ”kettlebell movements” and some of them are not good movements for any tool.

So, there are levels of expertice in fanatism, I think. At first, you see the surface, then you start seeing deeper and then you can see a bigger context. Also, at that point it’s easier to notice absurd issues, like Kettlenetics, which only use the surface but don’t have any depth. You start getting cynical, when seeing a lot of that sort of stuff, because as a fanatic, you want all the info you can get but have to swim trough all the carbage to get to some good stuff 🙂 So it’s easy to start hating a lot of the new stuff, the over the top marketing etc. At least for me, because initially some of that stupid marketing led me to KBs and it’s not fun to admit that after seeing deeper 🙂 It’s still true.

But, there must be a level beyond that because being negative about Kettleworkx and TGU DVDs won’t help the fanatic’s own training one bit. Is there a KB bliss, where you can just focus on the essential, give what you know to others and don’t mind the BS because it’s just part of the game? Focus on your own results, get better, let everything else drop off?

I wouldn’t really worry about how the beginner views the ”scene”. Always, when going to a new sport or hobby, the discussions between more experienced practicioners seem incomprehensible and even silly. After getting further, they start to make sense, and someday later you can have your own opinions about them once you have the experience. No one gets a fast free ride, we all have to go trought the honeymoon, the eventual dissapointments and then maybe the focus if we stick with it.


2 kommenttia

  1. Rob sanoo:

    Great post Marko!
    You hit the nail on right on the head there!

    What you say is so true and possibly i’ve come away from the track recently due to outside issues (work, home, children) but I have a desire for training rooted deep inside my heart and will be a part of it forever in whatever shape or form it may take.

    But will always admire a true person with commitment, like yourself!
    Stay strong and achieve your goals my friend



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