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Make a simple thing compex to sell more crap

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The link below has a very good point about complexity, and uses the infamous TGU dvd as an example. The KB is a common man’s tool. You don’t really need a title to learn the lifting, it’s actually pretty easy. For beginners, when I teach them, I usually start with the swing, clean, press etc. And then add detail later, when the time is right if it ever comes to that. Not all people care about details, they just want to work out. Sport people are different and have different goals. A lot of the detailed stuff can be learned by the the lifter if they use their opwn heads and listen to their bodies. It’s a process, slow for some, a bit faster so other but it takes time, practice, repetitions and the usual stuff. At no point I can imagine anyone NEEDING a DVD set of a TGU, which is a nice drill but more of a stunt than something that needs techinque refinenent.

I think, the issue is the KB being a common and simple tool. Once a person has a bell of two, he has done enough buying for the rest of his life. Now, a company needs to sell more so they have to invent stuff and try to make the person feel insecure about his movement or something, to make him buy more stuff. I’m so glad that KB has it’s root in older systems than the fast paced fitness markets. We can always look at the video of 60 year old Eduard Ttrusevich, see him kick the ass of most western KB persons. Then we can think: does this man need a DVD set for the TGU (or something similar)? If not, why would I need one?

Damn, we need to lift some iron, move our bodies, and use some common sense! I think we should quit acting helpless, take the fitness back from the ”experts” to our own hands, educate ourselves about movement and listen to our bodies. It’s not more products we need, it’s movement initiated by ourselves. Learn the basics and get going with the Iron!


2 kommenttia

  1. Andy sanoo:

    Awsome post. I have thought the same thing many times. I got into KB because it was the simple man’s way to stay fit. Now you need screening and all the other BS.

  2. Surlybird sanoo:

    Great post!


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