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KB/GS Couch, show your track record!

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How to measure one’s KB expertise? How to make sure that a couch knows what he/she is teaching? Is it a cert? Is it who you know? Is it what cool exercises you invent and copyright?

I’m not talking about general trainer expertise, which is different and more complex. I’m talking about kb lifting expertise.

Don’t know the definitive answer, but GS gives a revealing look on one’s kb skills.
Here’s a questionnaire for gs couches:
Can you lift 10 minutes with some weight? Which weight? How about with good technique? How many comps have you been to? What were the comps? How was the judging? What were your results? Did you couch someone to compete? Did they compete more than once? How were their results?

For myself, I think I can teach a beginner the basics of the classical lifts but I’m no expert. Have competed since 2006 in Latvia and Finland but my best prs ever are only 70 jerks and 120 snatches with 24kg. Last year in Venstpils I did worse. This year, who knows 🙂 My level is beginner, getting better but still, when I think about the russian juniors, they are lightyears ahead.

GS training is hard, it’s slow, it has no room for extra bullshit. It’s great for showing weak spots in the body and in the mind too. When you train and really move forward, and then backward, and then forward again, you find out stuff about yourself. Like, I’ve found out that the love for the lifting is causing me a hatred for bullshit about lifting 🙂

I say, let’s get back on the ground, drop all extra bs and get on the platform, where we can see just how huge experts we are.

This was just a rant, feel free to comment 🙂


4 kommenttia

  1. markeltha sanoo:

    Agree with Thierry.
    It is one thing I like about kb-sport, it tells no lies. You get 67 points before a judge, then you have 67 points, no more no less. It reflects your capability as a lifter very clearly.

  2. Word, I’m with you Marko!

  3. BorisT sanoo:

    Well put!


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