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The secrets of animal fitness

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Ok, this will be a revealing post. Some people have asked me, ”how do you maintain that skiny-weak -look trought the years, even when you seem to eat like a total pig??” Well, part of the answer is obviously kettlebell training, but in the video below, I’m revealing the real secret…

… kettlebell training in a Bear suit, that’s obviously!

Here’s Steve’s account of the Figth To End All Fights we had in Oulu:

BTW, since Steve, Nazo and John  are linking to this blog, I’ve decided to tag all the english language posts, so they can be rrsdt and mashed up and all that.

You can find all the english posts trought this link:

And the RSS feed for the english posts will be:

(will start tagging the old posts soon, so Bear with me)


3 kommenttia

  1. Rob sanoo:


    You’ve got some real Bear strength, looking good!
    Shame the new muscle mass has stopped you locking out properly on the jerks 🙂
    Nevertheless, massive kettlebell lifting!

    Also, you’re crazy!

    Nice one mate!


  2. Marko Suomi sanoo:

    I know Rob, it’s not easy being this huge 🙂 Thanks!

  3. daniel sanoo:

    Marko, I can’t stop laughing. This and other videos with you & Steve Cotter get better and better with each viewing. Glad you guys are lifting kettlebells and having fun doing it. Heck yeah!


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