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The Basics, and Fun

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Today after the IKFF workshop, I was talking to the others and thinking about the stuff we did and will teach. At first, when I started with kettlebells 4 years ago, I was dying to find out all the possible movements and excercises there were. I thouth, that a training session needed to have as many different exercises as humanly possible.

Then, I got to the GS world, with a very detailed approach to the 3 basic lifts. There’s and endless array of details about each position of each lift. Just like there’s probably a thousand different kettlebell exercises.

What these have in common are the fundamental issues, like good mechanics, safe technique and body awareness. So, when you know the basics well, you can jump into any variety of the Turkish Get Up and just do it. (btw, I think that it’s funny that there’s so different ”styles” of the get up, because it’s essentially just getting up with some weight. But whatever rocks you yacht).

Right now I think that the basics are the key to progress, and it’s also good for the head to fool around with stuff like lifting other humans, doing Chicken Jumps and just having fun basically. Mentally, it’s very enjoyable to laugh and lift heavy stuff in between intense timed set sessions.

Putting the fun back in functional and the fundamentalism!


2 kommenttia

  1. Great post Mark – keeping it simple. Fundamentalism is a word I approve of too.

  2. It was a great time this weekend! Train Hard and have Fun 🙂


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